Shocktober Day 4 – Perfect Blue


Perfect Blue (1997). Dir. Satoshi Kon. Starring (Enlgish Cast) Ruby Marlowe, Wendee Lee, Barry Stigler, and Bob Marx.

Perfect Blue tells the story of a young starlet, Mima, who decides to leave behind her promising career as a pop-idol in order to become an established actor. Along the way to this goal, people surrounding her are dropping dead, every waking moment of her life is being reported on some new fangled thing called the “Internet”, and Mima is losing her mind.

Mr. Me-Mania - Mima's number one fan.

The Sloth Mr. Me-Mania – Mima’s number one fan.

I. Love. This. Movie.

Apparently so does Darren Aronofsky. He bought the rights to the damned film. And it shows in two other excellent films: Black Swan, which seems almost the live action version of Perfect Blue and Requiem for a Dream, which actually uses the bathtub scene more or less shot for shot.

Mima/Jennifer Connelly

Mima/Jennifer Connelly

Some of the scenes in this film are actually pretty uncomfortable. There are several rape scenes and the violence in the film is actually pretty gruesome for an animated film. Perfect Blue doesn’t play on jump out shocks for cheap scares, it genuinely plays with your mind making you question exactly what is real in Mima’s rapidly deteriorating world. Perfect Blue keeps you guessing until the very end and at 81 minutes (85 for the unrated cut), it moves quickly and engages throughout. Give it a watch.

Perfect Blue

Story: 4/5

Effects: 3/5

Scare Factor: 2/5

Spike and Faye in the Same Movie: 1/1

Overall: 4/5

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