Shocktober Day 2 – The Eye


The Eye (2002) – Dir. The Pang Brothers. Starring Angelica Lee, Lawrence Chou, Edmund Chen, Yut Lai So.

Who¬†doesn’t see dead people anymore? Haley Joel Osment, Jessica Alba, funeral directors – this list goes on and stops abruptly. The Eye , not to be confused with the movie of the same name starring¬†#1 on the list of ” Stars who (probably) have Herpes” ( I wish I was making that up but people really are that fucking banal) – is a Singaporean film directed by the Pang brothers (of Bangkok Dangerous and The Eye 2 and 10 fame). The premise is simple enough – blind girl is given cornea transplant, blind girl begins seeing specters and the dead in general. While this might seem like a tired idea, the cinematography and special effects are what make this film so damned creepy.

The eerie nature of the film kicks in almost immediately. The opening credits slow down, seem to melt away, slow to a flash – creepy stuff. It only ramps up from there, jumping out at you when you least expect it.



The only part of the movie that is really out of place is the awful music. There are numerous moments where some decently heavy stuff is going down, only for the gentle sounds of a flute, or piano to pop up – seemingly out of nowhere. Most of the time the music fits the mood really well – but when it doesn’t, it’s painfully apparent.

If you’ve never seen this or the American remake – pass on Ms. Alba and go with this one. You can even find it, in it’s entirety, on Youtube (as of 10/2). Give it a watch.

The Eye (Gin Gwai)

Story – 3/5

Effects – 4/5

Scare Factor – 3/5

“Meat-Licking”: Awkward

Overall: 4/5

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