Shocktober Day 14 – Dawn of the Dead (1978)

dotdDawn-of-the-Dead-1978 Dawn of the Dead (1978) – Dir. George Romero. Starring David Emge, Scott H. Reiniger, Gaylen Ross.

No, I didn’t skip 11, 12, and 13. I just didn’t feel like writing about them. I watched:

Friday – Frankenstein Created Woman – Interesting movie, if not really..really bad.
Saturday- Frankenstein Must be Destroyed – While I complained that previous sequels made Frankenstein less dark and crazed, this one turned him into a damned rapist. A little too far, I think. Not horrible, but not great.
Sunday – Frankenstein and the Monster from Hell – David Prowse and Peter Cushing, years before Star Wars! Still, a strange movie and a poor end to the Hammer Frankenstein franchise.

There, now that that’s done.

George Romero pretty much kicked off the zombie genre with Night of the Living Dead. It was gritty, it was dark, and damn was it violent for the time, like super violent. Then came Dawn of the Dead, Romero’s greatest film – as far as I’m concerned. The film starts simply enough, if you’ve never seen Night of the Living dead, you might not know what the hell is going on. Hell, even if you have seen it, shit’s a little weird. At first, I thought I might have been watching another Lionel Ritchie vehicle by mistake

Oh, what a feeling.

Oh, what a feeling.

But after listening a few seconds you realize that the dead are, in fact, rising and attacking the living – devouring the flesh and what not. The movie starts with two groups of characters, a helicopter pilot and his television producer girlfriend and two police officers. Apparently the pilot and white guy officer are friends and are going to escape with producer girlfriend and new cop buddy.

Quite the motley crew

Quite the motley crew

The group manages to take off and fly for some time before deciding to land at a zombie infested mall and set up shop, so to speak. Hijinks ensue and many a social commentary are made regarding the nature of man, consumerism, and food fights with zombies.

Also, Jim Rash was there.

Also, Jim Rash was there.


The makeup is cheesy, the blood is ridiculously fake looking (which effects master Tom Savini supposedly hated, but Romero wanted it to add to the “comic book” feel of the movie), and the acting is incredibly flat at times, but the movie is really quite good. The sound track is excellent and would be sampled by both Gorillaz and Robot Chicken (The intro off of Demon Days and “The Gonk” respectively). A little on the long side, but absolutely worth a watch.

Dawn of the Dead

Story: 4/5

Effects: 3/5

Scare Factor: 3/5

Greatest Line: “We got this, We got this by the ass!”

Overall: 4/5

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